IT Security & Risk Assessment

IT Security & Risk Assessment

Security Monitoring from the Endpoint to the Cloud

SSVN delivers flexible Managed Security Services (MSS) that work the way you want, relieving you from the complex burden of managing your network’s security and compliance.

SSVN provides security and compliance monitoring services for over 125 device types – applications, databases, endpoints, network devices, and security appliances.

We accurately collect and correlate vast amounts of data from virtually any application or device capable of producing a log file. Through the use of physical or virtual collectors, we also monitor virtual environments in the cloud.

Our “client-first” approach to customer service has enabled us to boast one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

SSVN’s managed security services help you :

Reduce the cost of security

Maximise security technology investments

Simplify regulatory compliance

Improve your overall security position

SSVN Consulting’s managed security services include :

Log monitoring & management

Log monitoring & management examines and manages logs generated by nearly every computing device to record and analyse your business’s technology activity to effectively report and address possible security issues.

Vulnerability management

Our proactive approach means that we are constantly examining the cyclical practice of monitoring, identifying, and patching or mitigating security vulnerabilities within your system to find possible threats and keep you safe.

Security device management

Keeping security solutions updated and patched can be a challenging DIY. Leap’s managed security services help clients optimise their current technology investment with the latest firewalls and endpoint security solutions.

Internal compliance monitoring & management

Maintaining internal compliance is essential for Perth businesses. Our compliance monitoring and management programme provides visibility which is critical to maintaining compliance.

Email Security

Exploiting humans is the easiest way for viruses to enter your system. Our ever-evolving email security provides filtering so you never have to deal with questionable spam, phishing, and virus-laden emails.

Network Security

Protect your business’s intranet security and data from external attacks through our multi-channel defence solutions which ensure your intellectual property or sensitive client information remain protected.

Browsing Security

Increase productivity by finding a smart solution to rogue browsing and suspicious web downloads. Leap Consulting’s knowledge of online security software ensures your staff will remain protected and productive.

Tailored services

Before the implementation phase of any service begins, Leap Consulting engineers actively work with you and your team to understand your infrastructure and security requirements.

Leap Consulting experts act as an extension of your internal security team, delivering security expertise and around-the-clock monitoring.

Security intelligence

As part of Leap Consulting’s ongoing research activities, we continuously monitor the threat landscape to recognise and quickly respond to changes while providing continually updated protection for your network.

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